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Priorities For Hawai'i County

Through talking with community members and experiencing firsthand the incredible potential, beauty and challenges we face on this island, here are some of the top priorities I am ready to work for WITH YOU to shift us into greater balance with each other and the natural world:


Quality of Life

• Affordable housing & reduced energy costs
• More support for our schools
• Better care for our Kupuna
• Improved infrastructure & community gathering spaces

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Environmental Protections

• Stronger management of toxins in our soil, ground water, air & ocean
• Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
• Stronger programs to recycle, compost and reduce waste
• Immediate attention to environmental hazards



• Increased regenerative local food production
• Investment in clean & renewable energy
• Improved quality and quantity of County grant writing
• Creative solutions to balancing the budget


Native Hawaiian Advocacy

• Resource access to preserve subsistence rights
• Better management of & access to sacred sites
• Maintain the local character of our communities

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Emergency Preparedness

• Increased availability and quality of emergency shelters
• Expanded network of emergency access roads
• Improved emergency communications
• Support for community collaboration (ie. firewise communities)