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Right now, I believe we need to prioritize our values, and I sincerely hope that the natural environment, and thus the health and true wealth of the people, will be prioritized over whatever might be seen as ‘competing interests.’
— Maya Parish
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North Kohala's Maya Parish in race for county council

Driven by the belief that we deserve representatives who are dedicated to the best interests of all residents and our natural environment, public servant Maya Parish of North Kohala runs for County Council Representative in District 9.

She offers true willingness to listen and collaborate with community, creative ideas for Hawai`i’s complex issues, and pragmatic leadership to meet our needs while protecting those of future generations.

Image courtesy of Honolulu Civil Beat.

Image courtesy of Honolulu Civil Beat.

Honolulu Civil Beat interview 

Candidate Q&A: Hawaii County Council, District 9 — Maya Parish

1. The latest volcanic eruption demonstrates that some homes and infrastructure are particularly vulnerable to lava flow. Should this change Hawaii County’s approach to development, and if so, how?

Yes, absolutely. The 2014 and current eruptions and their effects demonstrate a lack of accountability from our government agencies when approving permitted developments in Lava Zones 1 and 2. I would advocate for a broad-scope, rigorous and systematic analysis of options to address this problem moving forward. This catastrophe has highlighted a prime example of possessing firm scientific knowledge of high risk, but ignoring the science in governmental and business decision-making. It also highlights how high land prices on the island drive our people, particularly our farmers, to assume excessive risk in order to have affordable land. I would seek a cost-benefit analysis of alternative approaches, including: