We are only as strong as our communities: our Families, Mentors, Friends, Colleagues, Neighbors, and our Community Organizations. I am honored to have earned the confidence and the support of these local leaders & advocates for social, environmental, economic and cultural justice.

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Sierra Club of Hawai'i Chapter

Moku Loa Group Political Committee

The Sierra Club of Hawai`i has endorsed your candidacy for election in 2018, in appreciation of your commitment to protecting the environment.  The Sierra Club is putting faith in you to help sustain Hawaii’s beautiful environment for generations to come. Our endorsement sends voters a message of your strong support for the environment and your proven track record in conservation issues.


Pono Hawai'i Initiative

Our vision is to empower people-driven political leadership to achieve economic, social, and environmental justice.
Each candidate we endorse has demonstrated clearly, by their past actions and present involvement in civic and community affairs, that they understand and embrace the principle of “people-driven” political leadership. In addition, they have shown a high level of competence and experience in working with government and political systems. Most importantly, all are committed to pursuing a bold agenda in support of economic, social and environmental justice.



Ana Nawahine Kaho'opi'i

Kumu Hula, Paradise Patriot & Community Activist
I support Maya Parish for County Council Representative District Nine. It's time to transform politics as usual and support Maya who has proven to be an ally, community activist and effective grassroots organizer. In the time I have known her she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to public service focusing on the people of Hawaiʻi and what is in our best interest. The people of Hawaiʻi County district nine have the opportunity to elect a councilwoman with pure-hearted intentions, highly developed organizational skills and a good grasp of the cultural and political landscape.


Pete HoffmanN

County Council Representative, District 9 (2004-2012)
I am honored to lend my support to the candidacy of Maya Parish for Council in District 9. I am impressed by her diligence in responding to the issues that affect our district and the depth of knowledge that she had demonstrated from her research. She is a candidate that doesn't simply say WHAT the issues are, but has crafted courses of action that address the more important question of HOW she plans to resolve these issues. I'm confident she will be an outstanding Council representative for this district.



Melanie Holt

Farmer & Owner-Operator of Kamuela Inn

I fully support Maya Parish for District 9 County Council. As a farmer, food security is important to me. In the 21st Century, we have the opportunity to adapt the best of traditional wisdom with non-invasive progressive farming techniques to ensure enough food to feed everybody. Maya understands this and strikes the right balance on issues affecting the health of our children, our community and our environment while demonstrating a deep respect for Hawaiian culture and values. She brings to the table an honest desire to listen to her constituents, which is vital in becoming an instrument of positive change. 



Margaret Wille

County Council Representative, District 9 (2012-2016)
Maya is a natural born leader. She will bring bold ideas to address our economic and environmental challenges faced by our island ohana. She cares about working people and small business, not special interests. She will be a presence in each of our communities - and hold office hours in Waikoloa, Kawaihae, North Kohala, and not just in Waimea. Honesty and integrity are values she holds high. Of special interest to her are projects to raise the health and wellbeing of our keiki and kupuna.

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Shay Vanzandt

Kohala Ride Wild Club Director

I would like to support you in any way I can. I believe you will offer great changes and support for our community!! Thank you for giving all the support to our keiki and Horse programs in the past and present! We look forward to working with you in the future and seeing the change!! Mahalo for taking the brave step forward for our community!!!


Auntie Mackie Kahaulelio

Community Leader, Cultural Practitioner & Activist

Maya is maika'i loa! My aloha is with this young wahine! I support her run for council seat in district nine. She has compassion and thoughtfulness. Her love for Hawaii and the Hawaiian people make her the best choice.


Tim vanderveer

Democratic Party of Hawai'i State Chair (2016-2018)
Maya Parish is a passionate, talented, dedicated Democrat who cares deeply about the people in her community. I have participated in numerous events that Maya has helped to organize. Through her work, I have witnessed Maya's amazing ability to engage working families and advance the progressive cause. Her service on the 2018 Democratic Party of Hawaii State Convention Committee for the recent state convention in Waikoloa was an integral part of the success of that event.  Maya is a leader committed to the defense and advancement of the values of Hawai‘i, both civic and sacred."


Kalani Souza

Peacemaker, Resilience Facilitator & Founder-Director of Olohana Foundation
It is obvious the moment is upon us all to support the intergenerational transfer of leadership, of capacity, of responsibility to the next generation; particularly supporting the young women working diligently to create the change.



Local Supporters & Residents like YOU in their own words

Hear why local North & South Kohala residents are supporting Maya. From issues like education, environmental protection, and completion of community projects, people are speaking out as to why they are ready for a new voice.