Rising Up Together

front line

Local government is the FRONT LINE to protect our well-being and meet our community's needs. I am ready to show up, to listen to what people in all areas of our district need and want, and translate the will of our residents into PROACTIVE MEASURES to elevate the quality of life on our island.


We deserve an engaged and accessible advocate. We need a STRONG VOICE on the County Council who will put people first - not special interests, entrenched power, or the wealthiest among us. Many of our elected officials have been failing us, and it's TIME FOR that to CHANGE. I am ready to work for increased affordable housing, regenerative and healthy local agriculture, better support for our public schools, decreased energy costs and better care for our kupuna.


The way we are treating our natural environment is heartbreaking. Our actions speak to a dislocation between humans and mother nature that is begging to be reconnected. We can COME TOGETHER to limit toxins, restrict greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for the effects of climate change, increase clean and renewable energy generation, preserve coastal access and open space, and LIVE SUSTAINABLY, meeting our present needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

This is a critical time in our history. We can and need to RISE UP to demand bravery, creativity and total dedication from our elected officials to work for the good of us all and our future generations. We have PEOPLE POWER. Our voice is our vote. Vote Maya Parish for Council District 9 - the election will be decided on August 11th!

rise up